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Get up and go

With a glimpse in the rear-view mirror, I see Table Mountain arise behind me, with its ridged wall and cloud sheltered crest. I see a million of moments, a billion of breaths, eternal… Continue reading

Coming home, to go away

I sometimes wonder what it is that made me such a drifting spirit. Or is the spirit always a drifter and its the mind that keeps everything in place? Maybe, it requires for… Continue reading

Smiles for miles

It is 5.45 in the morning and I am lying in my bed, listening to the subtle sounds of chimes outside my window for the very last time. Soon, the prayers from Bo… Continue reading

Ups, downs and forwards

The sunlight hits a cd in the window that cast its reflection onto the ceiling and becomes a heart. Right in between me and Lorena, in our white bare shoulder’s dresses. Two angels… Continue reading

Wild spirits fly off route

I have not yet travelled the world. I do not know the secrets of the universe, or even why I prefer letters to numbers. I do not know why the moon has an… Continue reading

Escalating heart in a backpack

Today is Friday the 13th. Not that I am in any way superstitious. No, for me, this date has another kind of horror to it. I leave South Africa in just one month,… Continue reading

You are my destination

My contract for the travel agency I work for here in Cape Town will finish in March. My flight ticket states inbound 13 March. It is not valid for more than a year,… Continue reading


always leave before it’s time to go

Things to do before I die

This one is for the New Year.  It’s a reminder to seize the moments and not put things up. Many things on the list I have done already, many things I have yet… Continue reading

One travels far, to find it at the door step…

It is Christmas Day. I lit candles in my room. Outside, the chimes play familiar lullabies. Finally, I dare to feel. Oh, how comfortable is this bed! How clean are not these sheets?… Continue reading