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Pura Vida (in Costa Rica)

The Big 5 (and the countless moments)

We have just come back from a safari weekend in Kruger National Park. Something me and Malin first spoke of maybe a year ago, back in Oslo. And now it’s over. I tried… Continue reading

Victoria Falls to Cape Town

The (Southern) paths we cross

The truck has arrived the coastal city of Swakopmund, an old German colony sometimes claimed to be more German than Germany itself. I think it looks pretty African with its palm trees and… Continue reading


I have ten minutes at this little internet cafe, in a dusty Namibian town, which name I have forgotten. I know it would be useless to try and share all the thoughts and… Continue reading

It’s a Wild World

I’m stealing a moment of this short pit stop to update on the last days’ experience. I’m afraid if I don’t it will be too overwhelming to convey later. Already five days into… Continue reading

Whale watching (us?)

There is something peaceful about whales I think. Maybe it’s the fact that they are so big (15-20 metres) and slow (well, about 50 kph) It’s the way they live at the bottom… Continue reading

Next: Lofoten, Andøy Outdoor Centre

So where is this otherworldly place, I’ve been showing you pictures from? Let me tell you a bit more: Lofoten consists of seven main islands, off the coast of Norway, north of the… Continue reading