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Someone else’s words

I was afraid that when I’d get home, I would have nothing to write about. And I don’t. Maybe, being sick in bed with snow falling endlessly outside my window has got something… Continue reading

The Escapist

…and in the end…I lie awake…and I dream of making my escape… Coldplay’s The Escapist

Are you the river, or am I?

are you the river or am I do I flow into the sea or do you flow into me why is it when I try to slake my thirst you disappear when you… Continue reading

Read me

I went to a psychic*. Now, a feeling of excitement, reassurance and a slight anxiety is rushing through me. Is she right? Is this the only truth? Can I change this or is… Continue reading

Across the universe

Alright, I’m back! Sorry about the temporarily depressing sound of yesterday’s post. My life is of course incredibly fantastic and perfect still. In fact, it may sound like it is all confused and… Continue reading

One travels far, to find it at the door step…

It is Christmas Day. I lit candles in my room. Outside, the chimes play familiar lullabies. Finally, I dare to feel. Oh, how comfortable is this bed! How clean are not these sheets?… Continue reading

Xmas spirit lost and found

I can not believe it is Christmas time. I can not. It doesn’t matter that the shopping malls are decorated with bells and glitter. I doesn’t matter that I have eaten my whole… Continue reading

It’s about energy

I was writing this blog post all day yesterday. It started in the morning…. I usually wake up by myself quite early. I am usually wide awake within a minute and ready to… Continue reading


I feel it all

I don’t know where to begin this blog post. I just know that I need to write it. Excuse me if my thoughts seem a little scattered. They are. I had two intense,… Continue reading